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Tektronix Showcases New Products to Solve Video Delivery & Quality Challenges at NAB 2009
Posted on Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broadest and Most Comprehensive Video Test and Monitoring Portfolio for Existing Analog and New Digital Video Technologies

BEAVERTON, Ore., April 2, 2009 - Tektronix, Inc., a leading, worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced the company will feature an extensive range of new and enhanced products and solutions at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB ) 2009 Conference, April 20-23, in booth N2522.  Tektronix will showcase solutions across its portfolio from SD to HD to MPEG and next generation compression technologies including analysis tools for file-based content, defining the future of video test for the industry.

The latest digital video technologies are faster and often more complex than prior generations and require video test equipment capable of greater performance and more extensive analysis. Tektronix’ mission critical test, measurement and monitoring tools help preserve signal integrity, reduce production time, reduce operating costs, ensure standards compliance and optimize system performance.  Tektronix is the video test expert, providing the broadest and most comprehensive video test and monitoring portfolio for existing analog and new digital video technologies and will be demonstrating the latest in innovative video test technologies in its booth. 

Waveform Monitor Enhancements Keep Users Ahead of the DTV Transition Curve

The new enhancements give Tektronix waveform monitors and rasterizers the industry’s most comprehensive ancillary data decoding and monitoring support. The instruments now offer – for the first time in the industry – simultaneous decoding and monitoring of CEA-708 and CEA-608 Closed Captioning data, meeting the latest FCC requirements. The units now also support Active Format Description (AFD) and CGMS-A / Broadcast Flag data decoding and monitoring. For multi-channel audio, new Dolby E Guard Band monitoring provides user selectable thresholds and an intuitive bar meter display – an industry first for usability – on the audio display to make it easy for operators to spot Dolby E audio problems. Additionally, new black picture and patented frozen picture detection alarms help broadcasters and network operators detect, identify, and diagnose picture quality problems more effectively.

PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer Enhanced with 2 Channel Simultaneous Generation and Capture of SDI Video

New PQA500 features that will be showcased at NAB include the ability to perform simultaneous 2 channel generation and capture of SDI video.  Simultaneous 2 channel capture will enable evaluation or troubleshooting of broadcast operations infrastructure.  A broadcast engineer can quickly assess the quality impact of new components being considered for deployment or troubleshoot an existing error condition.  Simultaneous 2 channel generation with instant channel swapping will significantly improve subjective quality evaluation performed by design engineers.  Additionally the PQA500 feature enhancements include improved automatic temporal / spatial alignment execution with Freeze / Skip detection for consumer electronics design applications.  Design verification and compliance testing applications will be improved with the new 10 bit Generation and Capture capability.

ISDB-TB Support Enables Effective DTV Services Deployment

ISDB-TB support was added to the MTS400 Series MPEG Analyzers and MTS4SA software, and both MTX100B and RTX100B MPEG Generators.  The new capabilities assist Brazilian ISDB-TB broadcasters with deployment of new ISDB-TB services designed to deliver digital TV, HDTV and mobile TV channels to consumer TV sets and mobile/handheld devices.

The addition of ISDB-TB enables equipment designers and manufacturers to ensure standards compliance for new network appliances including consumer premises equipment in support of the ISDB-TB deployment in Brazil.  Equipment manufacturers and designers around the world will benefit from improved quality and reduced time to market with support of the ISDB-TB standard. The MTS400 Series MPEG Analyzers provides DTV and IPTV connectivity and network QoS metrics that are seamlessly integrated into the MPEG analysis capabilities.   

MTM400A with FlexVu Provides Common Platform for Confidence and Diagnostic Monitoring

Additional features for the MTM400A MPEG Transport Stream Monitor are support for Variable Bit Rate (VBR ) corrected measurements, a “monitoring by exception” Learning Mode and Video and Audio Backhaul.  The MTM400A enables broadcasters and network operators to better detect signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution, and to find and diagnose errors more quickly to prevent viewers from experiencing loss of signal. 

The MTM400A with the powerful FlexVuPlusTM user interface leverages the deep measurement capabilities of the MTM platform to deliver greatly simplified DTV monitoring and diagnostics.  The MTM400A with FlexVuPlus provides a configurable common user interface for both confidence and diagnostic monitoring that allows operators and engineers to display a different level of detail of the same MPEG stream information.