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Further Integration with IT Devices for Stardraw Control
Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2011

Software provider has announced a further level of integration with IT devices for their multi award-winning control software, Stardraw Control 2010; support for System Events.

The control system can react to anything that is recognized as a System Event on the host PC, such as 'Resume from Standby', 'Virtual Memory Low', 'Email Received', 'Network Cable Unplugged', 'Logon', 'Shutdown', etc. The control software can be programmed to instigate any other action such as send an alert or perform any device function when any particular system event is detected.

"What this means is that the control system can be fully aware of the PC device that it's running on and any processes that might be running in the background," says marketing director Rob Robinson. "Like so many features that have been added to Stardraw Control over the years, this functionality has been requested by users in the field. Clearly there's great interest in exploiting and fully integrating with IT infrastructure when deploying audio visual and other control systems."