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Stardraw Delivers Diverse Device Drivers
Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2011

Software provider is proud to confirm the unequivocal success of their Driver Request Forum, a free service to all registered Stardraw Control users.

Stardraw Control 2010 is the multi award-winning, software-based universal control platform designed to create custom user interfaces that can control any remotely-controlled or monitored hardware over any protocol. Its open-architecture approach enables you to employ off-the-shelf hardware as core components of your control system and extend functionality almost without limitation whilst minimizing costs.

In order to communicate with third party hardware, device drivers are required and new drivers are needed for new or previously unsupported products. Stardraw Control includes a number of tools including a Driver Wizard to help people to write their own drivers, but in situations where users don't have the time, skills or inclination to create their own, offers the Driver Request Forum.

This unique service, available to all registered Stardraw Control Users, undertakes to create any custom device driver within 30 days, free of charge, regardless of its complexity.

"We introduced this service about eighteen months ago," notes marketing director Rob Robinson. "I am delighted to say that since then, we have delivered every single driver that has been requested with the majority being published well within a week, let alone 30 days! The Driver Request service is clearly a win-win because our users get what they need quickly and at no additional cost, and it adds value to Stardraw Control as a product: as soon as a driver is published, it is available to all users immediately."