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Project List announces Stardraw Design 7 at InfoComm 2011
Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2011

Industry-leading software provider has selected InfoComm 2011 as the platform to unveil Stardraw Design 7 — their all-new system design/documentation tool.

The application is's seventh-generation software solution for systems integrators. Offering a holistic approach to system design and documentation, Stardraw Design 7 is a modular package which will enable integrators to custom configure the software to suit their particular specifications and budget.

Using an entirely new codebase, Stardraw Design 7 accesses a single project- and product-centric database which is accessible via tried and trusted task-oriented drawing environments such as 'Block Schematics' and 'Rack Layouts' as well as a new, grid-based product selector. A key advantage of this approach is that each environment is simply a 'view' of the central project database that contains ALL of the data relating to your project, right down to the last nut and bolt, and a change in one environment ripples through to all of the others. Furthermore, a brand new feature in Design 7 enables you to see the products that are not being used in the current drawing. It's an extremely useful feature for keeping track of your project and for making sure that you haven't overlooked anything when building your racks, designing your system schematic etc.

Other new and improved features include fully integrated project reporting, compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD (R12 — 2010) and Visio as well as a built-in PDF-generator. There is also a Product Wizard — a step up from the Symbol Wizard in previous versions — which allows you to create a product with all of its associated symbols and data.

An even slicker, smoother drawing interface and powerful new tools make Stardraw Design 7 a multi-generational leap forward. is inviting all interested parties to register for a public beta test in order to try out the new package for themselves. An official launch will follow later in the year once the beta feedback has been processed.

"We're very proud of this new application; our most powerful and streamlined off-the-shelf design/documentation package yet," commented CEO, David Snipp. "The codebase, although new to the product family, isn't new to us. It's been fully tested by well over 25,000 users in our OEM applications, and the results have been sufficiently convincing for us to want to make it publically available in the form of Stardraw Design 7. Nevertheless, in order to be completely sure that our product responds fully to market requirements, we're initiating a public beta phase in order to give our customers the opportunity to come back to us with suggestions, observations etc. Customer feedback is the number one tool for us to improve our products and our service. We not only welcome feedback, we actively encourage it — hence the reason for the beta program. Come and register and tell us what you think!"