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One Systems Helps Bring The Gospel To Life in the Canadian Badlands
Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011
One Systems  Helps Bring The Gospel To Life in the Canadian Badlands

Nashville, Tennessee – One Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional high intelligibility direct weather loudspeakers, was chosen to deliver sound for theatregoers at the Canadian Badlands Passion Play amphitheatre located in the Drumheller Valley of Alberta province in Canada. The installation includes a number of One Systems 112IM 12-inch two-way speakers and 212Sub-W dual 12-inch subwoofers. EK Sound of Calgary, AB was awarded the contract for the installation. 

The play is presently annually in a natural bowl ampitheater located in the hills of the Canadian Badlands that seats nearly 3,000 people. For this particular venue, a traditional sound system that uses speakers placed on each side of the stage, would not suffice. During the play, dialog emanates from many places around the theater and if audio came only from one location, the audience might be unaware of the location of actors in a particular scene. 

While searching for the right speaker systems, the goals of ampitheatre officials and EK Sound was to insure that the ones chosen offered excellent speech intelligibility, pristine musical sound quality, full weatherproofing, were invisibile to the audience and lastly, required little maintenance. 

According to amphitheatre executives, the speakers needed to be invisible to avoid spoiling the visual aspect of the show. To keep the speakers hidden, amphitheater employees covered, buried and even built some speakers into the set pieces. 

EK Sounds' decision to select One Systems speakers was based on performance, features and weather resistance. "One important feature of One Systems speakers is their ability to change the coverage pattern of the horn," explains Dave Harrison, system design and implementation manager at EK Sound. "A majority of the speakers were installed fairly close, while some were at further distances away. Tailoring the coverage to suit the location was very important, as well as the sound quality that sealed our decision."

Traditionally, the play has not used any amplification in its 3,000 seat natural amphitheater. Yet, with some action scenes taking place at up to 200 feet away from the audience, it was difficult for the patrons to hear the dialog and music clearly in the open-air setting. A large portion of the audience is elderly and has trouble hearing; therefore, installing a good sound system became important to insure the satisfaction of the visitors. 

Harrison and the client made the decision that they would use localized reinforcement for this application. Nineteen (19) speaker locations were chosen, some for music reinforcement, and some for dialog. Working closely with EK Sound, actors now wear wireless transmitters and sound reinforcement takes place at, or very near where the actors are performing a particular scene. This has eliminated many audio problems including echoes due to time arrival issues. 

"The sound quality and durability of the One Systems product are very impressive, and the speakers are performing as expected. Now audience members have no trouble hearing the entire production clearly. The client is very happy with the results," comments Harrison. 

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play Amphitheater is another perfect application for One Systems products in the Canadian tourist and entertainment industry. Doug MacCallum, President of One Systems comments, "The Badlands Passion Play installation reconfirms our ability to produce high-quality, full-bandwidth, weatherproof speaker systems at good prices, which is important to our distributors and their customers. We truse that The Badlands Amphitheater will be pleased with One Systems' sound quality , rugged reliability and weather resistance for years to come."