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NCAA Division II Football Championship Host University of North Alabama Installs One Systems Speakers for Braly Municipal Stadium
Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011
NCAA Division II Football Championship Host University of North Alabama Installs One Systems Speakers for Braly Municipal Stadium

Nashville, Tennessee – Sutherland Sight and Sound of Sheffield, Alabama recently installed twenty-three (23) One Systems speakers in the newly renovated Braly Municipal Stadium in Florence, Alabama, home to the University of North Alabama Lions and host of the NCAA Division II Football Championship games for the last 25 years.


Braly Municipal Stadium seats over 15,000 fans and is a great example of a multi-purpose sports and event facility that requires highly intelligible speaker systems that will perform well for music and spoken applications. Braly Stadium's 27-year-old sound system had been in place since 1982 and was updated in 1994. Some of the issues that plagued the old system were poor coverage and sound quality, inconsistent sound throughout the venue, and feedback heard by the fans as well as television audiences.

One Systems' speakers with their patented Equivalent Throat horn/driver technology and high-output Inside/Only woofers made choosing them simple for Lane Sutherland, of Sutherland Sight and Sound.

When Sutherland was awarded the contract to install a new sound reinforcement system, they chose One Systems speakers for several reasons, but mainly as a result of the impressive demonstration they received when One Systems' chief engineer Mike O'Neill paid them a visit in 2009.

"We had not used One Systems in the past, but after hearing the demo O'Neill presented, the intelligibility was outstanding, the overall tonal quality was exceptional, and the fact that One Systems speakers could be augmented with subs for low frequency production we knew we had a winner."


"Sound quality was first on our list of 'must haves', but the fact that One Systems speakers are weatherproof was just icing on the cake," says Greg Boren, Sutherland Sound's Senior Systems Engineer. "Also, the service we received from the company was fantastic, especially the hands-on interaction from O'Neill and Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Torlone."

Sutherland recounts the bid award in November that required the system to be complete for the 2010 Division II Championship Game on December 18, 2010. "The project began under strict time constraints," recalls Sutherland. "We were anxious to complete the job as well as to deliver a great sounding system within our budget, and One Systems did not disappoint." The final installation included One Systems smaller speakers like the 112IM, as well as long throw CrossField Array and 218Sub-W speakers insuring the best coverage and intelligibility.

Working closely with O'Neill, Sutherland Sound designed the system to assure the best possible coverage and vocal intelligibility during football games, sporting events, commencements, and various other municipal events. Each speaker is secured to poles that are mounted to the structure using One Systems' mounting brackets specifically designed for these applications. Along with the large sound system for the stadium, the installation also includes auxiliary area sound reinforcement utilizing 106IM speakers for home concessions and rest room areas.