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Germany's Popular Hannover Zoo Installs One Systems
Posted on Monday, November 8, 2010

 Nashville, Tennessee – One Systems, a leading manufacturer of direct weather loudspeakers, furthered its global acceptance with a recent installation at the Hannover Zoo in Hannover, Germany, a popular local and tourist attraction. The installation includes One Systems 106IM and 208CIM models. The speakers provide guests with ambient wildlife sounds throughout the day and are also used for public address by zoo trainers during animal feedings.


Hannover Zoo is one of Germany’s most popular adventure zoos with over 2,000 animals from all over the world and 1.2 million visitors per year.  With nearly 55 acres filled with animal habitats and multiple themed halls for guests and events, it is a great destination for adults and children alike. Visitors can explore seven themed areas including the African Zambezi landscape, Gorilla Mountain, the Indian Jungle Palace, the Niedersachsen Meyer’s Farm, Mollywoop children’s land, the Yukon Bay Canadian landscape and the all new Outback.


While searching for the right speaker systems, the zoo’s goal for this project was to insure that the speakers chosen offered excellent speech intelligibility, pristine sound quality, weatherproofing, were invisible to tourists and lastly, required little maintenance. According to zoo officials, these performances and feedings are designed to appear as natural as is possible, therefore the speakers had to also be concealed from the naked eye. With up to 27 shows and feedings daily to the large crowds of zoo visitors, the speakers have to perform optimally at all times, with high vocal intelligibility, assuring that the keeper’s voice can be heard clearly and precisely without processing.

KSI Systems of Hemmingen, Germany was awarded the contract, and after speaking with One Systems German distributor S.E.A Vertrieb, KSI decided to purchase the high-quality, “Direct Weather” One Systems speakers.


Christian Batzer of S.E.A. Vertrieb and Consulting spoke of how pleased the contractor was after hearing the demo of One Systems. “We have yet to be disappointed in One Systems speakers and our client is very pleased with their performance. They were so satisfied with the sound and weatherproofing that they increased their order after hearing the initial demo of the 106IM’s,” says Batzer.


Of the 16 One Systems speakers purchased by KSI, nine 106IM speakers were installed in the Kangaroo habitat, four within the ape sanctuary on Gorilla Mountain and three 208CIM’s were placed in the Meyer’s Farm area. The solution to keep the speakers unseen involved covering speakers with jute bags, rocks, shrubs and plants. The Meyer’s Farm area required a little more out-of-the-box thinking; the three 208CIM’s were placed inside the Sheppard carriage, completely hiding them from view.


This is yet another perfect application for One Systems products within the German tourist and entertainment industry. Doug MacCallum, President of One Systems comments, “The Hannover Zoo installation again confirms our ability to produce high-quality, full-bandwidth, weather-proof speaker systems at good prices, which is important to our distributors and their customers. With such a comprehensive array of exhibits, we trust that the Hannover Zoo will be pleased with One Systems’ sound quality, ease of use and low maintenance for years to come.”