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Chicago Lakeview Bar Upgrades Sound With On Point Audio Speakers from One Systems
Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017
Chicago Lakeview Bar Upgrades Sound With On Point Audio Speakers from One Systems

Chicago, IL - The Pony, located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, is an upscale tavern complete with hickory-slatted walls and floors, a wood-beamed ceiling and a 38-foot copper-plated bar along with enough TVs to keep the local sports fans happy. When the games are over, the club's workers crank up a newly-installed One Systems On Point Audio sound reinforcement system designed and installed by Lombard, Illinois-based GMK, Inc. 

"The Pony is a typical Chicago tavern. It's a long, skinny space with a low ceiling," explains Chris King of GMK, Inc. "As a result, the system needed to be compact while still providing the SPL that the owners required." 

The prior system was old and it consisted of under balcony loudspeakers, which were compact enough for the space but could not deliver the sound quality and output levels the club wanted. 

"We demonstrated On Point Audio loudspeakers from One Systems and it was a no-brainer," adds King. "They have a better power rating and sounded better than any other product we had considered - the owners were in complete agreement."

The room is broken up into a front seating area, a long bar and back seating area. With a goal of blanketing both seating areas in sound, King specified four OPA-8NP loudspeakers for the front and four OPA-28NPs for the back - which turns into a late-night dance floor on the weekends.

The OPA-8NP and OPA-28NP feature One System Inc.'s Narrow-Profile 8-inch woofers - a mere 6.8 inches wide - with coaxially-mounted compression drivers. The Narrow-Profile provides a large cross-sectional area radiating surface in a small footprint. The coaxial design ensures both loudspeaker models deliver point source alignment for smooth sound quality and high vocal intelligibility. The dual 8-inch OPA-28NP can deliver 127 dB max output - exactly what the "sometimes" dance floor needs. 

"The difference between the old and new system is considerable - especially at high output," concludes King. "The demo we did for The Pony was the first time I had heard them and I loved them right out of the box. Customers and workers alike notice the natural sound, no matter the volume. The owners are extremely pleased with the end result."