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One Systems’ On Point Audio Series Upgrade Exercise Experience At VIDA Fitness
Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

One of the nation’s fastest-expanding fitness centers, VIDA Fitness, recently installed One Systems’ On Point Audio series loudspeakers to provide their customers with a premium workout experience at their multiple locations in Washington, DC.

As a leader in the motivational fitness industry, VIDA Fitness has already seen the advantages of providing more sophisticated sound reinforcement options than its competitors. So far, On Point Audio series loudspeakers have been installed at their U Street, Metropole, and Verizon Center locations.

The management at VIDA Fitness has worked closely with Randy White, senior buyer at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, to design systems for each location. Locally owned Vibe Solutions has provided system installation.

“Their goal is to have each of their locations offer their customers the exact same fitness experience, all the way down to the audio, at every location,” explains Carlos Beaumont, systems integrator with Vibe Solutions. “Because the venues are not identical, the systems vary to accommodate the space, but they all utilize One Systems’ On Point Audio loudspeakers. Everyone has been quite impressed with them.”

VIDA’s U Street location provides more than 60,000 square feet of workout facilities and dedicated fitness studios. One of their premier cycling rooms, dubbed the “Sweatbox”, offers participants their own personal, high-energy On Point Audio Series system featuring clear and powerful sound.

“Because of the room’s size and power limitations of the venue, we needed loudspeakers with three features – high SPL, visibly discrete, and efficient. Fortunately, the On Point Audio Series met our needs,” explains White. “We placed a single OPA-28NP loudspeaker directly above each cycling station, with three OPA-181SP subwoofers in the corners. It sounds pristine, easily as good as any nightclub.”

The OPA-28NP is a dual 8-inch, two-way array system with an 80-degree coverage pattern, providing perfect directionality in a compact and powerful footprint. The OPA-181SP is a single 18-inch high-output, low-frequency subwoofer that is designed for bi-amp applications and optimized for use between 35Hz and 80Hz. It provides more than enough low end for any serious cyclist.

“Fortunately, the ceiling in the Sweatbox was open, so we could hide the loudspeakers between the pipe and ductwork, making them almost invisible,” adds Beaumont. “For such a small box, they have exceptional output; add in the subs and the room is incredible.”

The Metropole VIDA Fitness location is a much smaller facility, with 25,000 square feet distributed over four floors. Once again White determined that the OPA-28NP supported by an OPA-181SP sub were exactly what the fitness doctor ordered.

Three OPA-28NPs and a single OPA-181SP were installed in the center of the location’s spinning room. Six more OPA-28NPs were added to the fitness room. In the fitness room, which is more square than the other spaces, White broke the room into two zones. Three loudspeakers were mounted along the front wall to cover the front half of the room, with three more installed across the center to cover the remainder of the space. Again, the exceptional directionality of the loudspeakers minimized any overlap between the zones, keeping the sound clean and clear.

The success of the Metropole spinning room inspired a similar installation for a smaller spinning room at VIDA’s Verizon Center location. Once again, three OPA-28NP loudspeakers upgraded the room and provided VIDA customers with an exceptional audio experience. In all circumstances the systems were powered by Powersoft Ottocanali amplifiers.

“VIDA is working hard to change the way people think about exercise. Their ideas are new and innovative, energizing people to get out of their homes and into the gym,” says White. “Now their already strenuous, high-energy classes sound as good as they look, all thanks to One Systems’ On Point Audio Series loudspeakers”.

This is a change that VIDA’s clients are also noticing.

“Everybody likes it,” concludes Beaumont. “One Systems’ On Point Audio loudspeakers are becoming a part of the VIDA Fitness brand and helping improve their already great reputation. I have heard some VIDA clients say how impressed they are with the sound. To this day, I am surprised by how clear it is when I walk into one of their locations, especially given the mix of the loud music and the speech of the instructor. They don’t compete at all with each other. This is a real upgrade for the fitness industry.”

Model: OPA 28 NP