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Elation Cites Strong Sales for Platinum FLX in the U.S. and Europe
Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016
Elation Cites Strong Sales for Platinum FLX in the U.S. and Europe

LOS ANGELES - Elation is reporting strong interest in its Platinum FLX hybrid moving head among rental companies and lighting designers in the U.S. and Europe, with strong sales for the award-winning multifunctional fixture since hitting the market last fall.

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Elation’s Platinum FLX™ hybrid moving head is growing in popularity among rental companies and lighting designers in the U.S. and Europe with sales of the award-winning multifunctional fixture soaring since hitting the market last fall.

Rental companies across the US, Canada and Europe have discovered the value of the unique beam/spot/wash fixture, which is also finding its way into a variety of installation projects thanks to its versatility, performance and value. In the U.S., a growing number of rental companies have added the Platinum FLX to their inventories including Atomic Pro (Vermont), Dynamic Productions (New York), Elite Multimedia (Nashville), Kinetic Lighting (Los Angeles), Main Light (Delaware), and StageTech (Los Angeles).

“From a rental house standpoint, we liked the concept of having a hybrid fixture because it can fit a broad range of applications,” stated David Rosen, President of Kinetic Lighting. “Concerts and EDM festivals can use the FLX as a super high-output beam light whereas corporate and special events can use it for projection and aerial FX in the same rig to save space and weight. It will also be a big plus for trade show applications - relying on the FLX to cut down on fixture counts, thereby reducing weight and power needs.”

Jason “Cannonball” Jenkins, Director of Operations at Elite Multimedia, also points to the hybrid fixture’s versatility. “The FLX is very much a ‘Swiss army knife’ of a fixture for us. It can function across the board as a profile, beam, and wash. This kind of multi-function use is what our clients are currently looking for - less fixture types and more options. The output looks phenomenal and the beam structure outperforms some of its nearest competitors. Elation has really hit the mark with this fixture."

“Our previous Elation units have served us well,” commented Randy Mullican, Operations Manager at Main Light Industries, one of the largest rental houses in the United States, “and these new FLX units provide a great value for the price.”

In Europe, top rental companies such as satis&fy (Germany) and Static Light (UK) are also singing the award-winning hybrid’s praises. satis&fy, one of the leading full-service production companies in the event industry with offices in Europe, the U.S. and Brazil, added the Platinum FLX to its inventory earlier this year. “Because we have a wide variety of clients and a wide range of shows to do, we are always looking for flexibility of product,” stated Martin Heuser, Global Director Lighting & Rigging Services at satis&fy. “The Platinum FLX is a ‘real’ hybrid compared to other hybrids and the rentability of the fixture is very high. We can do more shows with the same fixture while reducing the number of lights in the rig, which makes the client happy. It’s also a good balance between quality and price. We’re always looking for that best combination and we found it with the FLX.”

The Platinum FLX is a spot/ beam/wash moving head that is increasingly being recognized for its new approach to hybrid lighting. It has been honored with a PLASA Award for Innovation and Best Moving Light Award at WFX, along with a Best Debuting Product honorable mention at LDI. Its patent-pending dual optical system, unique in the industry, gives it clear advantages over traditional hybrid systems.