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BTI Systems Improves Collaboration Among Dispersed Teams with Visual Collaboration Solutions from Magor Communications
Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Optical Solutions Leader Strengthens Relationships, Saves Money and Reduces Time to Market Thanks to Ad Hoc HD Video Conferencing and Rich Collaboration

BTI Systems, the networking company that creates high-capacity and agile service infrastructures for the metro, is enjoying improved communication and collaboration amongst its globally dispersed teams, thanks to visual collaboration solutions from Magor Communications. With rich collaboration and high definition (HD) video conferencing capabilities seamlessly integrated into a single, easy to use solution, Magor’s HDWorkPlace family is enabling teams located in BTI Systems’ Ottawa, Boston and Belfast offices to strengthen relationships, save money, reduce time-to-market and improve results for crucial R&D developments.
While the rich collaboration capabilities offered by Magor’s visual collaboration solutions including the ability to access, share and selectively grant control over multiple concurrent documents, files and applications with multiple session participants, was a key draw for BTI Systems, the solutions’ flexible peer-to-peer communications architecture sealed their interest in the solution.
In addition to supporting formal, scheduled meetings, Magor’s exceptionally flexible peer-to-peer architecture enables users to add, drop and reconnect participants in an impromptu manner, reflecting the increasingly ad hoc nature of the modern office’s workflow and the way in-person meetings naturally evolve. With Magor, if two workers are on a point-to-point call and realize they need to pull in a distant colleague, they can do it with a simple click of the mouse. If that person then suggests adding an additional participant, it is again a simple mouse click. There is no need to drop the call and have everyone dial back in ‘on the bridge’.
Perhaps even more important, participants at Magor endpoints enjoy complete flexibility and control for how video and collaboration streams display locally – choosing what they see and how they see it. Rather than having to abdicate control to a centralized control device (MCU), participants can decide who or what they want to focus on to best meet their information gathering needs. While one participant may want to direct his attention to a product schematic, another participant may want to watch the reaction of the product manager as he is told about the latest technology development. With Magor, each participant can concentrate on the aspect or aspects of the discussion that is most important to them.
“Deploying Magor’s visual collaboration solutions is changing our corporate culture to allow us to be more real-time collaborative,” said Steve Waszak, President and CEO of BTI Systems. “Effective communications is key to expanding our business globally and building an effective customer-facing organization. In addition to saving us time and money to travel for face-to-face meetings, the visual collaboration solutions have allowed us to promote stronger inter-personal relationships among geographically separated teams. We are working together more and we’re working better, smarter and quicker and it is showing in the strength of our responsiveness to customers and partners, as well as in our solutions and products, and the growth of our customer base.”
“We are thrilled to add BTI Systems to our growing roster of world-class customers,” said Ken Davison, vice president of global sales and marketing for Magor Communications. “As a company in a competitive market, with a global presence, it is important that BTI’s geographically-dispersed teams be able to meet face-to-face on an ad hoc basis, with immediate access to the subject matter experts and information resources they need to make swift, solid, well-informed decisions. We look forward to continuing to support their rapid growth with our visual collaboration solutions.”
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