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Christie Selects Magor TeleCollaboration for Worldwide Visual Collaboration Infrastructure
Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Solution’s Flexible Peer-to-Peer Communications Architecture and Advanced Collaboration Capabilities Improve Effectiveness of Communication throughout Organization
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – February 22, 2011 Christie®, the global leader in projection systems and digital display solutions, has selected the Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace family as its worldwide infrastructure for visual collaboration. The HDWorkPlace family seamlessly integrates advanced visual collaboration capabilities into a peer-to-peer, high definition (HD) video conferencing experience, improving the effectiveness of video-based meetings. Six installations will utilize Christie digital projectors and Christie Spyder video processors.
Christie wanted to improve communication and collaboration among its departments worldwide and with its worldwide partners and suppliers. As a global company, Christie needed to be able to make HD visual collaboration calls anywhere in the world, over any network. And, realizing correct information is critical to decision making, Christie requires real-time access to experts and collaborative materials.
With its industry-leading peer-to-peer communications architecture and advanced collaboration capabilities, Magor TeleCollaboration meets Christie’s collaboration requirements. The peer-to-peer architecture enables users to add, drop and reconnect participants in an impromptu manner, reflecting how meetings evolve. A centralized control device (MCU) doesn’t dictate participation; participants at Magor endpoints enjoy complete flexibility and control for how video and collaboration streams display locally – choosing what they see and how they see it. When combined with Magor’s unique ability to share multiple, concurrent collaboration windows with multiple session participants, users have immediate access to the information they need –speeding and improving decision making and increasing the effectiveness of meetings.
“Providing our global offices with an easy to use, rich visual collaboration experience that speeds and enhances decision making and raises productivity was a key priority for us,” said Ashish Kudsia, Christie’s IT Director. “After evaluating our options, the Magor TeleCollaboration system stood out for its flexible peer-to-peer architecture, which allows us to bring subject matter experts and critical information into visual collaboration meetings on an ad-hoc, as needed basis. In addition to reducing travel costs, deploying the Magor TeleCollaboration solutions in combination with Christie’s own world-class projection and video processing products has improved our day-to-day business operations and increased our overall efficiency.”
Other factors in Christie’s decision to deploy Magor TeleCollaboration include:
·          The ability to operate in a heterogeneous network environment comprised of both architected networks such as IP/MPLS and simple Internet access. This unique feature allows Christie to connect remote locations – such as North America and China – over the Internet with extraordinarily low operational costs.
·          High quality video delivering an immersive experience for participants.
·          As a software solution, Magor TeleCollaboration provides Christie with new features and functionality, enhancing communications capabilities across the entire organization. This model means Christie is not saddled with the stranded capital that often accompanies hardware-based solutions.
“We are proud to add a pioneering global visual technology company like Christie to our customer roster,” said Ken Davison, vice president of marketing for Magor Communications. “We look forward to working with Christie to further its competitive position by connecting its employees, partners and suppliers – and the valuable information they have on their desktops and in their personal workspaces – through innovative visual collaboration solutions.”
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