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Product Evaluations from Wainhouse Research for the Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace Family Now Available
Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product Evaluations from Wainhouse Research for the Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace Family Now Available


Evaluations confirm that Magor is challenging two current video conferencing paradigms:
system usage and data collaboration workflow
Reports highlight exceptional video quality, Good Network Citizenship, the ability to deliver 1080p over non-engineered networks, advanced collaboration functionality and personalized control over user experience
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – June 9, 2010 – At InfoComm 2010, Magor Communications today announced the availability of two extensive, independent, third-party product evaluation reports on the Magor TeleCollaboration™ HDWorkPlace systems. Designed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of video-based meetings, the HDWorkPlace family seamlessly integrates advanced data collaboration capabilities into a peer-to-peer, high definition (HD) video conferencing experience. The reports, which were conducted by leading industry research firm Wainhouse Research, focus on two distinct aspects of the HDWorkPlace family, its video conferencing/telepresence capabilities and its advanced collaboration capabilities.
As a part of the evaluations, the Wainhouse Research test team placed hundreds of test calls with the systems and used them within their everyday work environment. The evaluations confirmed that Magor is challenging two longstanding videoconferencing paradigms: system usage and data collaboration workflow.
System Usage
While traditional video conferencing systems are typically used only during videoconferencing / telepresence sessions, essentially sitting idle waiting while for the next call, the Magor TeleCollaboration systems are designed to be used throughout the workday. When not in a call, the system acts as a large display, with wireless mouse and keyboard, to be used with the user’s PC (or PCs). When in a call, the system becomes a high performance visual collaboration system that can be used within a shared meeting room or within a user’s office.
“The fact that the HDWorkPlace is a visual collaboration solution that works in a user’s own office, combined with Magor’s unique, internet-friendly codecs, allows the HDWorkPlace family to enable simple to make, ad hoc business to business connections,” said Ken Davison, VP of Marketing for Magor Communications.  
Data Collaboration Workflow
With traditional video conferencing systems, data sharing is somewhat of an add-on, where users launch a video session and then activate screen sharing. In the Magor environment, data sharing is an integral, equally-important part of the overall collaboration experience. With Magor TeleCollaboration systems:
·          the user’s PC itself – including the on-screen images, applications, files, network shares and other features of the PC – can be shared with other participants, providing an exceptional user experience
·          each location or participant can share multiple PCs with other meeting participants and each can define which participants have access to (both view and control access) the content they are sharing
·          each location or participant can view or access / control multiple PCs sent by multiple users and each can customize his experience by selecting the streams (video and/or data) they wish to view (or control) at any given time. Users can view multiple local and remote, video and content windows simultaneously. 
·          the remote image resolution matches that of the source, which is vital for detailed collaboration materials like engineering diagrams and medical scans
The reports also highlighted a number of benefits of the Magor TeleCollaboration systems, including exceptional video quality, good network citizenship, the ability to deliver 1080p over non-engineered networks including the internet, interoperability with legacy systems, improved latency over MCU-based architecture, and personalized control over each user’s experience.
“The Wainhouse Research benchmark testing is extremely demanding,” continued Davison. “We are quite proud of our performance in the evaluation process and are pleased that Wainhouse Research verified a number of advantages that we believe our HDWorkPlace family delivers.”