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Landmark Technology, Inc. - LMG241-150X02TL
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1,600 nits 15" Sunlight Readable LCD Module

Model: LMG241-150X02TL

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LMG241-150X02TL is a 15” Sunlight Readable LCD module with low cost suitable for price sensitive application. The module consists of an LG LB150X02-TL01 TFT color LCD panel and a VHB (very high brightness) LED backlight. At the maximum backlight power of 17 Watts, the LMG241-150X02TL delivers a high screen brightness of 1,600 nits. At this level, this display is highly readable under direct sunlight. For applications in dark environments, the screen brightness can be adjusted down to 5 nits using a proper LED drive board with PWM dimming control.
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