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ILS launches own double presentation matrix switcher with KVM during ISE
Posted on Monday, February 13, 2017

Amsterdam, February 2017 Intelligent Lectern Systems (ILS) launches ILS503; its dedicated switcher for integration into ILS or other bespoke lecterns or podiums.

This ultra compact system fits in the side of the new ILS Synergy family of lecterns and replaces the connectivity panel. The switcher is built with lecterns in mind and provides connectivity on the outside - e.g. laptop, document camera via HDMI, VGA, DP - as well as connectivity on the inside of the lectern for the 2 output ports of an internal PC. The system integrator has both HDMI and HDbaseT/CAT6 independent outputs for projector and display devices. This ILS503 Presentation Switcher offers true 4x2 matrix switching and handles 4K signals. A second switcher selects between source and the second output port of the internal lectern PC to the lectern monitor.

Audio signal input is provided for VGA, and HDMI based audio is extracted for audio output. Built-in KVM, using USB3 level sockets, allows connection of a document camera over USB, and takes the touch of the lectern monitor to an external laptop for controlling and viewing from the lectern. It also connects keyboard and mouse to the internal or external PC. LAN connections are available on both sides.

Control is very flexible offering direct switching, contact closure with button light, via RS232 and over IP.

The ILS503 presentation switcher measures only 170 x 81 x 40 mm.