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10 years of Intelligent Lectern Systems
Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017
10 years of Intelligent Lectern Systems

December 2006

Mid December 2006,  Intelligent  Lectern Systems b.v. was founded after thorough exploration and preparations of hardware and software earlier in the year. 10 years went by in no time.

June 2006

ILS had taken an earlier design effort of a totally new approach to lecterns to market.  ILS obtained all design and production rights in June 2006,  transferred these rights to ILS and dubbed it the ILS19P Presenter Lectern. A trademarked T-shape lectern, on a slim height-adjustable German made pillar with optional side tables. This lectern featured a 19” touch screen with integrated PC. 

ILS21, ILS15, as well as all ILS Synergy generations would follow this design in the 10 years to come.

January 2007

Sho-Q v1 released: We developed 18 prototypes of our unique seamless presentation and lecturing software and proudly named it sho-Q. After thorough testing with family, friends, parents and grandparents, we decided to go with prototype #17. A first thin release was shown during our participation in the Integrated  Systems Europe expo January 2007.  sho-Q1, sho-Q7, sho-Q10, and sho-Q2020 followed with increasingly more productive and robust features for presenting at events as well as for effective interactive teaching.

ILS acquired all property rights to a larger lectern, with a cabinet and 19” rack inside and large side tables on each side; the SpeakersCorner  lectern. This lectern was a formal development by the ETHZ in Switzerland, published in 2004.  The lectern had already sold well in Switzerland and after we took over all Germany- made inventory we took this lectern all over the globe, and sold 100’s of this and newer models within the SpeakersCorner family. We shipped the first bundle of SpeakersCorner lecterns to UAE university in Al Ain.

When we visited them in 2015,  they were still happily in use.

During  ISE in January 2007 – only 5 weeks after founding Intelligent Lectern Systems – ILS had a 15 meter long booth showing 5 different lecterns. A flying start!

January 2008

By ISE 2008 the next year we had designed the wider version of the SpeakersCorner  - ILS24 - and demonstrated  the true show-stopper ILS22. The ILS 22 featured an integrated 22” monitor, a keyboard, a touch pad and 3 function pads all under a single 31” piece of custom touch glass. We took a lot of orders right at the show!

The ILS22 later got new touch technology,  multi-touch, higher accuracy,  and more powerful processors in its life cycle without changing  the looks of this remarkable design, still available today.

April 2011

2011 was a banner year for ILS where  we took our first large order for 196 of the large SpeakersCorner  (ILS24) and needed to look for special production halls in the northern part of the Netherlands. The order employed 40 people for 4 months.

We also participated in InfoComm Middle East for the first time, with a large 64 m2 booth.

June 2015

2015 marked the launch of the new Synergy series platform to bring all  our different lectern models together. The Synergy series is made for easy switching between several top surfaces from simple wood or aluminum to a fully featured touch screen computer on top of a slim/wide pillar or rack cabinets. We unified logistics and production at various locations and continue to assure future upgradeability and consistent high quality.

November 2016

Sho-Q 2020 released

With the release of sho-Q2020 we added even more functionality to our Sho-Q software package. Appreciated by teachers, trainers and lecturers all over the world. This package  comes with generous white board functions, seamless Document Camera integration, annotations, and much more!

February 2017

ISE 2017 marks the 11th time  ILS is exhibiting at ISE . Add to this the 10 times we exhibited InfoComm USA, and 5 times we exhibited at InfoComm Middle East.

We did well!

At this largest European AVpro show we again will present newer and better Presenter and SpeakersCorner  lectern systems. We now embed an all new ILS presentation media matrix switch with CAT6 out, replacing 7 connection cables down to the bottom of the lectern, with unique loop back features for the lectern monitor to control external laptops. We also added a new audio module, designed by our Voicepoint high end audio engineers partner in Germany; and a custom made Zytronic touch glass based integrated system. We continue to put more and more emphasis on producing high quality and durable education solutions that are very user friendly, thus significantly reducing cost of ownership.

Date: Jan 11, 2017