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CyberTouch 24' Touch Wall in Calgary, Canada

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CyberTouch 24' Touch Wall in Calgary, Canada
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When a large educational institution in Calgary, Canada was looking for two Touch Walls in excess of 20 feet, CyberTouch alongside a local Canadian consultant worked to design the highest quality product. The first Touch Wall is 5 x 3-55L, using ultra-narrow bezel 55” monitors CyberTouch custom designed a touch overlay to be placed over five monitors in length and three monitors in height creating diagonal size of 252”. The second Touch Wall is a 6 x 3-55L, also using ultra-narrow bezel 55” monitors creating a diagonal of 299”.

 Due to the sheer size of these Touch Walls and the compact installation area, CyberTouch designers made the decision to manufacture the Touch Walls in a modular format. Modular design is a solution for sheer size of a frame, high-rise buildings and installation sites with narrow hallways and small elevators. By fabricating the Touch Overlay in several smaller pieces, the smaller pieces were then maneuvered throughout the building with ease in smaller crates as separate components and assembled on-site.