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Founded in 1964, the GRT Group runs various businesses across hospitality, agriculture, education, trading and nonconventional power across India. One of the most profitable parts of this prestigious firm is GRT Jewelers, an award-winning retail chain in South India that offers customers quality gold ornaments and other jewelry. It has 11 branches in Tamil Nadu and 4 in Chennai, employing over 5,000 staff and handling over 2,000 customers per day. The retailer’s unique selling points include the high purity of the gold on offer, a diverse range of jewelry pieces, a hassle-free shopping experience and an innovative jewelry saving scheme. The latter allows customers to deposit small amounts of money to buy gold, thereby making it more accessible to those working with limited budgets.


The challenge facing GRT Jewelers was to find a way of serving large number of customers as precisely and quickly as possible. In particular, the opening and closing of customers’ accounts was creating very long processing times and significant amounts of paperwork. Every customer had to sign on and off from their account for every transaction, and variations in the signature would void forms, which would then need to be completed again, causing additional customer service delays.


GRT Jewelers selected Wacom signature pads to reliably capture each customer’s signature for account opening and closure. Signature accuracy and instant signature visualization were of prime importance, as signatures remain the most natural form of establishing identity for customers.


GRT Jewelers has installed Wacom LCD signature tablets at the customer service desks within all of its 15 retail outlets. The unit’s compact design is ideal for these limited space environments.


Customers are delighted with the familiar yet digital signing experience, and GRT Jewelers has been able to accelerate its backend processes by 90%. The reduction in the administrative burden has also reduced stress levels among shop staff. As a result, productivity has increased, and it has become easier for staff to be allocated to the front desk flexibly, according to demand. The result: increased customer business volume and greater customer satisfaction. This is how Wacom’s LCD signature tablets have enabled GRT Jewelers to establish a new competitive edge in its market.