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Sports Bar & Grill - Ceiling Mounted Solutions

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Sports Bar & Grill - Ceiling Mounted Solutions
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B-Tech Audio Video Mounts are proud to be a key component in one of the UK’s largest high-profile leisure venue AV installs - providing all required mounts and supports for the Sports Bar  and  Grill in Canary Wharf.

The Challenge

Sports Bar  and  Grill are a chain of six outlets throughout London, catering for visitors who like to enjoy quality food and drink while being able to watch the world’s biggest sporting events.

The remit at their flagship 8500 sq ft venue in Canary Wharf was to provide customers with a prime view of a quality TV screen from anywhere in the large bar and restaurant areas.

Involving split  floors, and numerous zones, this would involve meticulous planning from integrators AV Systems Ltd, as well as precision fitting and mounting of hardware. As well as flexible content control, premium audio was also an essential requirement in bringing that vital ‘big match’ atmosphere as well as providing a quality background music soundtrack when required.

Cutting edge:

The Sports Bar  and  Grill in London’s Canary Wharf is part of a multi-billion pound development.

The Solution

To meet the ‘watch from anywhere’ remit, forty five 55-inch Sony LED TVs were mounted throughout the venue. 25 of these screens being wall mounted, and twenty being mounted from the ceiling - with some being back-to-back and suspended from a 5.5m ceiling.

B-Tech AV Mounts were used throughout to ensure precision and flexibility to the install, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing, ‘wire free’ finish. Over six kilometres of Cat6 cable was installed to ensure high quality content transfer as well as future proofing the system for flexibility.

With several defined viewing zones around the venue, broadcasts were provided by four Sky HD boxes, as well as IPTV for total content control.

Distribution of video was provided via 2 x CYP HDBaseT matrices, one of them 32 x channel, the other 16 x channel - effectively giving each individual TV its own zone. With the venue needing excellent sound coverage  and  clarity for ‘the big game’ as well as premium background music during more relaxed times, a high quality sound system from BOSE Professional was specified and installed by AV Systems.

Bose FreeSpace® DS100 loudspeakers, with bass support from Panaray® MB4 subs in the main areas,as well as FreeSpace® 3 loudspeakers in the quieter zones, are controlled through a Bose ControlSpace ® ESP-00 DSP, and powered by Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers, to complement the Sony TV arrangement in providing a first-class audio experience for customers, wherever they are in the venue.

The Result

By any gauge, the result is impressive, with a superb picture matched by great sound coverage and clarity, anywhere in the venue. Customers at the Canary Wharf Sports Bar  and  Grill can now have whatever sport they wish, on whatever screen they want, provided in full HD with a quality sound system to match.

With screen alignment being laser perfect. Adam Florio, managing director of Integrator AV Systems Ltd said: “I wanted this install to be perfect and attention to detail was absolute - both for the customer and myself.”

To reflect the standard of the work involved, the screen mounting being equally spaced between vents from the air conditioning system speaks volumes for Adam’s high expectations. The screen ceiling poles spaced to blend perfectly with the black window frames is no coincidence! Adam added: “The quality of the screens, video signal, cabling and audio system are all there to be seen, but it’s also what can’t be seen that makes the difference.”