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Sorrento Pizzeria - Menu Board Solutions

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Sorrento Pizzeria - Menu Board Solutions
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The challenge

Although common in most superstores and blue-chip retailers for years, video walls and digital menu boards are now being used in almost every type of retail outlet, from estate agents to coffee shops. To bring convenience and maximum impact to its customers, Sorrentos Pizzeria needed a digital signage solution that was flexible to their needs and gave customers all necessary information at a glance. In a busy counter service food outlet, it was important that information was easily managed, and that the displays were placed to get the best attention from its customers.

The solution

Digital Messaging Company designed a system that would deliver maximum impact, with AV integrators Service and Support Ltd providing the installation of 4 x 40-inch Samsung Smart Signage displays, powered by Signagelive. From working with B-Tech’s System X range on previous projects, Digital Messaging Company and Service  and  Support Ltd insisted on B-Tech BT8330- CL4x1-40-T-100 ceiling mounts for the menu board. The display would be mounted 1m from the ceiling, with screens angled towards the customer using tilting arms.

Utilising B-Tech’s hassle-free UK engineering, the displays were easily fixed at 20 degrees, putting them in the natural eyeline of customers as soon as they walk through the door.

Using the tried and trusted Signagelive platform, all display content is managed by Digital Messaging Company, offering stunning visuals with the convenience of instant adaptability of prices and offers.

The result

With an impressive digital menu board, Sorrentos Pizzeria now offers a fresh, modern experience where customers get a bright, visual representation of their food choice, with clearly displayed pricing. With wholly flexible content, the displays feature animations, offers and have the scope for future advertising revenue.