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Bet365 Head Office - Ceiling Mounted Solutions

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Bet365 Head Office - Ceiling Mounted Solutions
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The challenge

Operating 24/7, and covering three floors, bet365’s stunning new office has been designed to provide a fresh, modern working environment for the large majority of its 3,000+ workforce. Given bet365’s round-the-clock online operations, the electrical infrastructure work included the installation of two Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) rooms to guarantee power in the event of any supply failures.

With live sporting coverage and instantaneous statistics being essential to a smooth operation, renowned AV consultants and integrators TVC were assigned to specify and fi t over 400 displays throughout the three-fl oor complex, providing staff with uninterrupted viewing of the latest sporting action and data, as well as meeting and conference room AV facilities.

In addition to the large operator fl oors, the building also has over 20 meeting/training rooms - all requiring wall mounted Samsung LED displays of various sizes suited to the size of the room and its use. The solution needed to be provided in a way that would be unobtrusive to normal working practice, but could easily be viewed from staff, wherever they were sat.

Andy Greaves, head of commercial sales for TVC, said: “bet365 is a business that runs 24/7 and every day of the year, where reliable and trusted AV equipment is vital to smooth operation. With this in mind, an essential consideration for the mounting of displays was that any downtime was as close to zero as possible and that, in the unlikely event of screen failure, access and replacement was an instant, hassle-free process.”

The solution

With a majority of the displays being required for menu board mounting, TVC selected B-Tech’s System X to mount Samsung screens throughout the building. The quick and easy mounting process reduced initial install time as well as providing the benefi t of fast screen replacement should it ever be required.

Andy Greaves explains: “There’s never a problem with screen alignment with B-Tech’s System X, and being able to install the system in a back-to-back configuration is something that’s welcomed by the TVC install team. Plus, if there is ever a need for screen replacement, the fast and simple lift and replace fitting ensures minimal down time.”

Other benefits for choosing B-Tech was the aesthetic quality of the aluminium fi nish, which was wholly fitting in bet365’s cutting edge design throughout the building. 220 Samsung LED displays were rail mounted from the ceiling and mounted back-to-back to give a clear view from anywhere on the floor.

The installation can also be accessorised by fitting mini-pcs on to standard B-Tech screen mounts which in turn can be mounted onto the rails as part of the installation. 50 of these were utilised throughout the building. In total, 130 metres of aluminium System X rail was used, with over 300 displays, of various size, mounted on B-Tech solutions. Meeting and training rooms required displays ranging from 40 to 75 inch, with B-Tech BTV510, BTV511 and BTV514 solutions being used. These B-Tech mounting brackets use a universal design that can be used on virtually any screen, meaning bet365 have the option to update their displays in the future without the need for new mounts and fixings.


bet365 has become the biggest online gambling company by staying ahead of the game and, with their new offices, they now have a future-proofed facility and a office that is fitting for the world’s leading online gambling company.

Switching technology from their previous facilities to their new offices needed to be seamless and hassle-free - with crossover downtime being seconds to prevent loss of revenue.

bet365 have left no stone unturned in ensuring they get the very best from the latest technology. With 24-hour energy resilience a major priority, engineers also installed 370 solar panels, which will generate approximately 71,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, a huge sustainability boost. And with digital signage strategically mounted throughout the building, the business ensures that every member of staff is fully informed on the latest relevant data.

John Carter, project manager for bet365, said: “In a business where up-to-the-second information is paramount, our technology leads the way. bet365 staff now have a clear, time efficient way of receiving their critical information and we have total peace of mind with an AV system and infrastructure that is built to deal with whatever the future may hold. We are grateful to TVC for providing a first class installation service, and for providing top quality equipment from Samsung and B-Tech AV Mounts.”